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Queensland Politics

Australia is a country which is known for many reasons. The sports, arts, culture, economical development and politics thus there are plenty of characteristics that makes this country very special. The country has shown great prosperity in the last few decades and the obvious reason behind that growth is the political stability. The country is divided into different states and each state has its own legislative regulations. Out of all of them Queensland politics has got distinctiveness which sets it apart from the rest of the Australian states.

As we know that Australia is the member of Commonwealth and that is why Queen is the head of this country but she is directly heading the state of Queensland as well. In this state, the Governor of the Queensland is stand for the Queen. Therefore, one can say that Queensland is a dual level monarchy. The Governor holds the constitutional right to appoint the Premier and then the other members of the cabinet which of course are chosen from the members of the leading party in the assembly.

The Queensland lawmaking assembly is situated in Brisbane and has 89 members. One of the salient features of Queensland is its unicameral parliament. It is a kind of governing body which has got only single chamber. It has been observed that unicameral arrangement is more effective in terms of making laws.

Further the procedures are simple and no one can deny the cost effectiveness of this system.
Nowadays, the main political parties in Queensland are National Party of Australia, Australian Labor Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Queensland Greens and Liberal Party of Australia. Ana Bligh from the Labor party is the current Premiere of Queensland. She is performing her duties since September 2007 and is the very first woman who has been nominated as a Premier of Queensland.

In recent past an important development was made in this Australian state when a parliamentary committee suggested that the upcoming members of the parliament should take their oath in the name of Australia in place of the Queen. The concept was widely acclaimed in the masses as the people firmly believes that showing loyalty with state and the nation is more important

The population of Queensland has always shown great political maturity. They are well aware of what is happening around them, the past role of the politicians and also they are good judges of the performance and direction of their government. The reason of this maturity is the high literacy rate and also the positive role plays by the educational institutes in this state. For instance, the University of Queensland has always performed a leading role in offering special and well designed courses for the students These courses covers important aspects such as politics, policy making, international relations, social and behavioral sciences and etc.

In short, Queensland politics has different shades but every shade is contributing its part in the well being of the people and overall development of the state.